DOCUMENTS: Judgement California

Judgement of California Superior Court, Pomona, 17 March 2009


Paragraph 42. The court makes these rulings based upon the fact that the Petitioner initiated the proceedings in this court, sought this court's assistance, and then left the jurisdiction never to return. There is no indication as to why, and I know that the Petitioner sought to stop this court from exercising jurisdiction forgetting the fact that the Respondent had filed a response and sought relief of this court. The Petitioner left for reasons unproven or unsubstantiated with this court. And, quite frankly, the court gave the Petitioner so many opportunities to come back to court. The court gave the Petitioner as much visitation as possible every time the Petitioner was in town. And it is this court's opinion that, for whatever reason, the Petitioner chose to return to her family and her businesses, which was uncontroverted, in Bali. This court makes the finding that she abandoned her children.

Paragraph 43. In the meantime, she caused the Respondent to expend funds to obtain relief that she originally sought for herself. It is on that basis that the court determines that the Petitioner should have to bear the cost of the entire litigation in this matter. Minor's counsel was involved. A court evaluator was involved; they were all involved initially by the initiation of the Petitioner, and she left. The Petitioner has given the court absolutely no recourse. That's the order of the court.

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