ELEVEN DEMONS - Notes and References

Notes and References to Eleven Demons

Eleven Demons is a memoir, but it does not rely on memory.

The major events in this story turn on documents, court cases, police investigations, photographs and even news articles. Aside from a few private exchanges, most conversations involve witnesses, some conversations were documented by affidavit and signed by witnesses, some were recorded as journal notes either during or immediately after the conversation, and nearly all are supported by other corroborating evidence including saved handphone text messages and letters.

Because of extensive attempts by a large number of people in Bali to deny the existence of documents or obscure the facts of the case, I have made an effort to provide clear documentation.

A Minimal Documents list contains ten essential documents - all either official government documents, court declarations by the boys' mother or her attorneys, or court decisions - which even standing alone are enough to support the basic facts presented in Eleven Demons.

Several thousand pages of background documents including all Indonesia and California court decisions are available as PDF downloads at DocumentsPDF.

Inevitably, two observers will come away with different memories of an event. I have reported events and conversations to the best of my ability and recollection. Questions in this story do not really turn on what happened, but why?