MADE'S ANGELS - Bizarro World

Raging Angels

That Made lied to her supporters is clear. But many Angels apparently knew this and backed her in a suspected fraud anyway.

Some themselves, it seems, even engaged in perjury and libel to help her.

All the Angels knew Made’s many explanations were implausible. All knew of the fraudulent marriage documents, knew that the documents had been available on since 2006, knew about the police investigations, knew about the death threat, and they state so clearly in the following letters. So no one was in any doubt.

But Made's and her attorneys' efforts in California and the focus of Made's Angels was never really to allow Made to see her children—she could see then anytime she wanted and was under court order to see them. Their goal appeared to be to get the children and their passports out of the U.S.

The long explanation of why they did it, involving all the swirling and sordid details behind the world of the expatriates, is too complex to go into here—it will have to wait for Mafia of the Gods.

But there is a short explanation: these specific expatriates helped Made because she asked them to; she chose them because these people would do it.

Apparently it was a practical, not a moral, question: Made had taken everything; I had been chased out of Bali with a death threat. Made was their friend, she was in Bali, and the chances of me ever returning to Bali were infinitesimal.

The World of Bizarros!

In the pages that follow, Made and her Angels assert that I kidnapped my children, turned them against their mother, plotted to steal everything Made owned (I've never been able to figure that one out—everything was in Made's name), created thousands of pages of fraudulent court and police and legal documents, fabricated evidence, and threatened Made and anyone else who opposed my nefarious plans.

That is, they assert an almost identical mirror of the facts—a Bizarro world in which everything is backwards—but with absolutely no documentation or sense. Evidence consists only of their unsupported assertions in emails. Only Jean Lane ever testified under oath, and that testimony appears to be perjury.

Made and her Angels have consistently refused any mediation, any discussion or communication with my children or with me, or any attempts at deposition under oath by a third party.

No Angels ever talked to me before writing their letters. They refuse to answer emails. They hang up the phone if I call them. Not really the actions of people concerned with reconciling a family.

Niceness and Crime in Bali

In the Made's Angels letters that follow, all the standard tourist tales are tarted up, first for the public—the “Balinese community,” by which they clearly meant the expatriate community because all the email broadcasts were written in English—and eventually for the California Superior Court:

"The Balinese never lie because it is against their Hindu religion..."

"Balinese are too nice and gentle to commit crimes..."

"Balinese mothers love their children more than Americans do because of their unique Asian culture..."

"All wrong-doing in Bali is caused by outsiders..."

Tourists eat this stuff up. It's surprising that Bali even needs a police department. But the cold-eyed judge of the California Superior Court has been around the block a few times, and she was distinctly unimpressed.