ULUWATU CASES - The Documents

Documents (PDFs)

All the documents have been entered into court proceedings and are public record.

Uluwatu Cases:
  • Original Marriage Documents
  • Marriage Photos
  • Birth Certificates
  • Accusation of Divorce
  • Court Documents
  • Police Reports
  • Death Threat
  • California Court Documents
  • Decision of Supreme Court of Indonesia
  • Email from Made's Angels
  • Declarations of Made Jati and Ida Bagus Wikantara
  • California Court Transcripts
  • Decision of Superior Court of California
Summary I - the Uluwatu Cases (PDF English)
Family and Uluwatu Background:
  • Michael's Qualifications: Univerity, Shares of U.S. Company
  • Family Documents California
  • Made Green Card
  • Banking California
  • Purchase Condo California
  • Made Letter to Family in Bali
  • Move to Bali
  • Made Returns Green Card
  • Michael Sells U.S. Business, Buys Uluwatu
  • Uluwatu 1st Year Accounting
  • Made's False Family Documents
  • Gerold Eichinger - Photos and Letters
  • Singapore Agreement 2003
  • Made Forbids Communication
  • Failed Requests for Mediation
Summary II - Family Background (PDF English)
Problems at Kori Restaurant:
  • Kori Partners' Agreement
  • Made's Letters to Gary Hewson
  • Original Partnership Docs with Mark Wilson
  • Construction and Opening Accounting
  • Made's Receipts for 50% Share
  • Suspected Falsified Founding Documents
  • Suspected False Bank Letter
  • Payment to Made's Family as Nominal Shareholders Only
Summary III - Problems at Kori (PDF English)
All Docs/Family Docs - Bali.pdf