MADE'S ANGELS - Nigel Mason Nov 2008

Made's Angels - Nigel Mason Nov 2008

Made's Angels are emphatic in their opinion that all Balinese are too nice to commit frauds and that all evil in Bali comes from Javanese Muslims and other outsiders.

In this notarized letter, Nigel points out for the judge that "Never have I feared for my safety in Bali, even when Muslim extremists from Java chose to bomb the island in 2002. Rather than retaliate the Balinese chose to be compassionate and forgiving and instead of violence chose to have ceremonys to 'clease' the island of evil that had been brought down on it from outsiders."

Apparently Nigel feels that I brought evil to Bali, too, but fortunately I was already gone. "To be honest she is well rid of him and all the people that I know say Bali is also well rid of Michael Donnelly."