MADE'S ANGELS - Opposed To You

Made's Angels - Opposed To You

When I received this email on 13 August 2007 (the original was in English), I was already familiar with Made's Angels, because two weeks earlier I had received an anonymous threat from the same location in Jakarta. I already suspected the orginal threat was written by an expatriate. This latest email was sent by someone who said she was part of an organization which was, as she put it, "opposed to you." Other emails, some anonymous under the name Made's Angels and some signed, were sent out through the Bali expatriate community in December 2007.

I’ve always assumed that the “fumdys” in the email address “” stood for “fuck you Michael Donnelly you shit”, but I’ve never been able to figure out the “st” part.


8 July 2014 - Oh! Okay, I finally figured it out, I guess “stfu” is a well–known abbreviation in some circles, but I didn't know until I read a news report today: Judge to Supreme Court: STFU. So “” probably means “shut the fuck up Michael Donnelly you shit”.