MADE'S ANGELS - Nigel Mason Dec 2007

Made's Angels - Nigel Mason Dec 2007

Nigel Mason, owner of Bali Adventure Rafting, Elephant Safari Park, and star of Australian Penthouse (he posed on elephant-back but remained fully clothed) described himself in a notarized letter submitted to the California Superior Court in December 2008 as: "I am classed as probably one of Bali's best known expatriates and have a high reputation for being one of the island's most repected and successful businessmen."

"Best known" no doubt, although "respected" wasn't a word I would have chosen. I had always felt he was an obnoxious braggart and bully. Apparently Nigel didn't like me, either, as he makes plain in this email he broadcast widely in Bali in December 2007.