MADE'S ANGELS - Letters April 2008

Made's Angels - Letters April 2008

There is nothing really wrong with any of these letters other than that they reinforce the impression that Made is non-cooperative with the children's father. They speak only of Made's home and her children as if no father existed, and tend to corroborate other evidence of falsified family documents intended to erase me from the family.

That Made had friends, and those friends were willing to write letters, was obvious. But they had no value as evidence to the court because the letters were hearsay - that is, not sworn under oath with penalty of perjury in California, and the writers were unavailable for examination in the courtroom. The court didn't need testimony from Made's friends in Bali; it needed testimony from Made, but she refused to cooperate with the court.

The letters do make clear that Made's later statements that she had "come to California only to see her children and make sure they were alright. She had no intention of starting legal proceedings..." were untrue. She had a lawyer, Julie Duncan, since December 2007. All these letters were prepared in February 2008. Made didn't try to contact me or the children until 16 March 2008, and Made and Julie Duncan then filed a petition for custody on 19 March 2008. They were clearly well prepared.