MADE'S ANGELS - Declaration Dec 2008

Made's Angels - Declaration Dec 2008

In December 2008 Made entered another set of letters, all notarized in Bali, from her Angels. These letters were considerably nastier than those of nine months earlier.

Again they were rejected by the court as hearsay because they were not sworn under penalty of perjury in California.

They did, however, give insight into the minds of those people backing Made in Bali.

Further, the allegations in these letters that Made was prevented from seeing her children contradicted directly the knowledge of the judge who had ordered Made to see her children and cooperate in counseling, which Made had refused.

The point in paragraph (5) "...all of the outrageous allegations made by Respondent against Petitioner in his voluminous and numerous declarations, which they all know to be false..." can be coupled with other Angel statements complaining of documents on

"Voluminous and numerous" doesn't refer to allegations or declarations; Made Jati and I entered approximately the same number of declarations. "Voluminous and numerous" describes all the documents entered to the court.

All the documents were available to the Angels, and are still available here as Documents, but they refused to read or discuss them, and Made refused to discuss them with the court.