MADE'S ANGELS - Bali Community 2007

Made's Angels - Bali Community 2007

This email was widely sent around Bali in early December 2007. In April 2008 Made entered it to the California Superior Court as evidence of the Made's Angels organization and to demonstrate the wide support she enjoyed in Bali.

Other than its value in reflecting Made's attitude and the venomous atmosphere in Bali, it was not effective evidence. Courts do not accept anonymous witnesses.

Although on page 3 the writer pleads for my email address so Made could contact me, in fact my email address was widely known to hundreds of people in Bali. In paragraph 5 the writer mentions a message sent out by me—a message I sent out by email, of course. Made herself had been receiving emails from me, only one of which she ever answered before she cut off further communication only two weeks before this Made's Angels email was broadcast.