DOCUMENTS: Upacara Agama Hindu

Hindu Ceremonies 1994 - Made Jati's Evidence to the Court

A Hindu ceremony did take place, but at our home in Sanur in 1994, not in Kuta in 1996 as Made claimed in her Accusation of Divorce, or Tabanan in 1996 as in the documents she used to obtain her Marriage Certificate in 1996.

Made and her family asked me to take part in the Hindu marriage ceremony as a reaffirmation of our 1985 California marriage. They did not tell me that they planned to use it to prepare new false marriage documents and cancel our California marriage.

Before the Hindu marriage ceremony was a Hindu Sudiwudani or baptism ceremony, which Made's family explained as necessary before the marriage. It took place in the morning, and the marriage ceremony in the afternoon.

Surat Keterangan Sudiwudani, 25 Mei 1994, diajukan sebagai bukti oleh Made Jati.

Certificate of Sudiwudani, 25 May 1994, entered as evidence by Made Jati.

Bagian besar foto-foto dan dokumen-dokumen diajukan sebagai bukti oleh Made Jati juga menujukan Sudiwudani.

Most of the photos and documentary evidence entered by Made were also of the Sudiwudani.