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This memoir lays bare an astonishing truth at the heart of an island the world cherishes as The Last Paradise...


Have you ever yearned to love and live in Paradise?

I did. I fell in love with an enchanting Balinese girl and moved to the Island of the Gods. Twenty years later my children and I fled Bali ahead of plans for murder.

I am a writer, so I wrote a book. I'm happy my readers agree that Eleven Demons rivals any novel in intricate plot, memorable characters, and ever-mounting suspense.

Eleven Demons is a thriller, a love story, a glimpse into a world of faith and dark magic, a journey through an exotic land, an essential primer of Indonesian law, a history of an astonishing case, an exploration of the limits of loyalty and greed.

It is not, however, a map of shortcuts to Paradise.

Read the entire Prologue and Chapter One of Eleven Demons...


“A compulsively good read... I felt my breath quicken and my heart pound [at] yet another betrayal, another bribe paid, another promise broken. An indispensible gift for anyone who wants to know what Bali is really like behind the Paradise facade of five-star hotels, stunning temples, and extravagant pagentry.”

Bill Dalton, Tempo Magazine


You can read the complete review HERE.


Comments from other readers include (names withheld by request):

“Just finished your extraordinary book. Wow! Besides it being a book I couldn’t put down, it was a real eye opener for me, someone who spends a lot of time on Java (not Bali) but who also could easily find myself in a difficult situation... Great book... My head is spinning. ”


“It's an enthralling book! It's the type of book that you stay up late at night to read so you can finish one more chapter


“...a compelling story, wonderfully and sensitively written.”


“I’ve just finished Eleven Demons and thought it was a great read. You turned a potentially confusing legal battle into a fast-paced yarn.”



And from reviews of Eleven Demons on

This is a sexy, romantic account of a hypnotic love in a tropical paradise ending in a blood bath of deception. A mother's love for her children overshadowed by greed and lust so unbefitting an island culture & lifestyle. I couldn't wait to pick the book up all the way to the end! What a great film this would be! Maybe perfect roles for Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes to co-star in!


I couldnt put the book down, been to Bali several times so it took my interest straight away...

Mary Wolfe

This book is a great reader, taking no time to turn page after page of a well written account of one man's descent into a cultural web of deceit and disillusionment. A more than competent writer, Michael Donnelly guides us, not only from personal experience, but with the flair of a master raconteur...


This is an amazing story, told with honest and sometimes painful retrospection. I was captivated...

Steve Altfillisch

I have known about this story for a few years being a regular visitor to Bali.. The author presents a well written, compelling account of what happened to him over a period of 20 years. I know that I will be awaiting the sequel to see how the family has progressed since the end of the book. Highly recommend this book.


Fascinating story, I finished the book within a few days. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn something “real” about Bali and Indonesia, beyond the tourist image and pretty pictures... Although Michael went through quite an ordeal, he never disparages Indonesia or Bali, but points to backgrounds and reasons. Highly recommended.


I came across this book when searching for books on Bali....and wasn't I lucky to have downloaded the sample to this book. I starting reading it and couldn't put it down. I then downloaded the whole book and loved it!!... I thoroughly recommend Eleven Demons.

Jane Ducombe

See all reviews HERE...

But to be honest, not everyone loves Eleven Demons.

There are real events and real people behind Eleven Demons, and some of them hate the book.

"...he deserves only contempt and should never be made welcome again on this island by anyone."

—Nigel Mason, owner of Bali Adventure Tours

Despite the help and sympathy my children and I received from many Indonesians, I was stunned at first by the intense anger from a number of expatriates who immediately turned against us. They knew about the false documents, the collusions, the police, the threats, but they wanted me and my children out of Bali.

Bali lives on tourism. Visitors come to Bali to find Paradise, but my children and I were bad for business. And a major law firm vital to the villa sales industry—Austrindo Law Office—was deeply involved in the case.

More than a dozen expatriates joined with Nigel Mason to form an organization they named “Made's Angels.”

Seven years on, the nightmare still has not ended. Legal cases, including criminal investigations, in both Indonesia and California drag on.

Eleven Demons is not always available in bookstores in Bali, but it is available at:

Kinokuniya Bookstore in Jakarta;

through EQUINOX PUBLISHING for post to Bali;

from AMAZON.COM and BARNES & NOBLE.COM worldwide;

at Select Books at Tanglin Mall, Singapore.

Eleven Demons is also available as an ebook from AMAZON.COM and BARNES & NOBLE.COM


Video: About Eleven Demons - Secrets of Deincarnation in Bali (3:52)

Video News

Video: Mother Refuses to Meet Children at Commission for Child Protection in Jakarta (2:56)

ULUWATU - behind the book

The Uluwatu Cases and Documents

The story of Eleven Demons would seem scarcely believable were it not thoroughly documented through court, police, and other legal and personal documents.

I started this website to assemble documents and explain their significance for presentations to courts and police in Indonesia and California.

Reading legal documents is, however,
extraordinarily boring.

Moreover, it was three years before I myself understood what had happened. By then the case was so vast and complex that it was difficult to convey in a simple report.

But I eventually realized that the more complex the story, the more intriging the tale.

So this website now serves as verifiable references to the events related in Eleven Demons. Summary provides a quick overview. Step ahead using the Next buttons for a full view of the cases, or view Documents for the original background documentation.

But if you just want a ripping good story, read Eleven Demons.

About the Documents...


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Indonesia Law Online

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Amazing opportunities await investors in a booming Indonesian economy, according to many law and business advisories.

On the other hand, Indonesia’s ratings for corruption in the legal system are abysmal, and horror stories of business and personal disasters abound.

How to decide the truth?

Remember the tale of the six blind men who went to see the elephant? When they discussed it later, each described it differently. No one was actually wrong, but somehow the parts did not add up to the whole. As in that tale, neither view of limitless boom or total disaster is wrong, but both are incomplete.

Indonesia Law is on the way to becoming a book someday, but in the meantime Indonesia Law Online is a tool to help assemble the pieces into a whole elephant.

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